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Welcome to the first ever Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful a Non-Profit Community Organisation. The organisers wanted to create a youth organisation with a difference. This organisation allows contestants to raise their profile, let their voices be heard, and become an inspiration to their own generation.

Such positive energy will surely encourage their peers to become key players in society and active contributors to the economy. It’s all about being successful and having fun.  For too long, the achievements of the young have often been threatened by negative influences and we all know sad tales of self-destruction which can sadly become a way of life for those less fortunate.

Through example and positive profiling, we will help to educate others in our peer group, in our community and in our city. Many young people just need better guidance and re-assurance and this is where Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful can help.

Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful help young people to make informed life decisions, and gain employment after their education. We also promote career choices to schools and communities through the young people we work with.

Our organisation directly work with and for the community to develop a large pool with newly developed skills and passion for helping and inspiring others - especially their peers. Volunteers at Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful develop a range of transferable skills that can be applied for personal or societal benefit at school, college, university or work.

Recruited from the local area, the staffs of Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful truly understand the young people they support. They work hard to deliver objective solutions relevant to the specific circumstances and contexts of the young people. In this way they are able to make at connection with the young people and their career choices. Intuitive, enthusiastic and experienced they help young people develop the necessary insight to evolve and adapt to new realities.


This is a new and exciting project aimed at enriching the lives of the youth in London. We invite you to join this programme which aims to reinforce community values form strong links between the city’s diverse communities and serve as an inspiration to all that work with us. We will gather tales to share with each other and we will mark our year’s achievements with an exciting competition open to everyone. We soon hope to bring this project to the rest of the country.

The website is a catalogue of information for people of all ethnic backgrounds. The site is filled with diverse cultural information, celebrity interviews and lifestyle pages and it is delivered in an inviting and contemporary style. Here we want young people to learn and engage, share experiences and hopefully inspire their peers. We hope the young people will enjoy being a participant and we will look forward to their interactivity.


Our typical audience is the 18-35 year olds with a fresh and positive outlook on life and a desire to become successful in their chosen careers. The response has already been overwhelming as London Universities, Colleges; Schools are all getting involved and are playing their part by showing strong support for the programme.

Power in the business community is where we will succeed. Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful will engage with businesses that will encourage and nurture our clients. We will be looking for work placement and/or work experience projects and we will encourage full participation from the sponsoring companies.


Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful celebrate the cultural richness of the BAME and choose to take on contestants with style and ambition. Clients must want to succeed and be willing to share their positive experiences with their peer group and a network of new friends that they will meet through this exciting network. Clients have a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people to grow and develop and to network with a unique group. Explore their creativity and their individuality and learn how to succeed.

Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful are people just like you. The clients are a fun and stylish bunch. They have high aspirations, creative desires and plenty of positive attitudes. They also have lots to say and they express their individuality with creativity, chic and panache.
Each client will show a determination to succeed in their chosen profession over and beyond the usual expectations.

We get to know each client and we will work closely to help develop a career path. With encouragement, patience and consideration, we help to guide each client on their chosen path and help prepare each individual for the unexpected. We know that the right kind of training can bring out a hidden talent and we’ll be there every step of the way to assist and find that true talent.

Case Study
Alesha is a sensational singer. Although she had good vocal technique, Alesha discovered that she actually liked to write songs and produce music. Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful organised some studio sessions for her and she found her true direction as a singer/songwriter/producer. We helped her discover new talents and avenues for her creativity.

80’s Babies Project
Clients came up with a concept, which enabled them to study and support each other with their career choice in music. Musically career minded clients created the ‘80’s Babies’, which is a study and research project about the artists of that era. The young people created a program that helped other young people from Lambeth College to research the political climate and social BAME structure within the 1980’s. They also researched the structure of song writing and lyrical context within 80’s music. This enabled them to produce 80’s sounding music.

The young people networked with Omar, Judith Jacobs and others who were all artists from the 80’s. The conclusion was a stronger understanding of community and two songs composed by producer Don- E. Each song was performed on the day of the main event at the Gary Rhodes Bar W1.

Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful aims to increase the profile by 2008. We aim to target cities and regions beyond London such as Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Coventry. In time we hope our influence will extend as far as Scotland. With an extensive database of more than 12,000 email subscribers, Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful is well on its way to becoming a national internet site full of new ideas and great inspiration. It’s only a matter of time until the word spreads outside the UK.

Media Channels
Already the media is paying attention. Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful have made column inches across the press. The Gleaner, Aspire Magazine, Noir Magazine, South London Press, Young Voices, have all produced articles and features about Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful Projects.

Broadcasters Ben TV, Passion TV, Choice FM, BBC Leeds, Colourful Radio, 1 Xtra have also featured positive reports about our exciting projects. Media coverage gives us the opportunity to raise awareness among the general public of what Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful services mean to the young people of Britain.

The Halo:
The owner have kindly offered support and sponsorship towards clients who want become entertainers, by giving them a public stage to present and showcase their talent to the industry.

Lilt, Heritage Lottery Fund, The Gleaner, Elayne Smith, South London Press, Noire Magazine, Lambeth College, Every Generation, The Halo Bar, Morleys Of Brixton, Gary Rhodes, Fashion Fair, Young Voices, Dez Mighty, Marmoset Media, DJ 279 and Kat of Choice 96.9 FM, have all contributed by giving support or merchandise that will go towards the growth and success of Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful.

"Celebrating The Beauty Of Individuality"