Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful Services Donations


Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful have been overwhelmed with the generosity of the BAME community over the years.

The time has now come to further develop the business skills of our organisation. Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful is a community interest comapany who are solely dependent on grants and the kindness of others.

Our aim is to become entrepreneurial and transform ourselves into an independent and self-efficient community interest business. Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful have started a modelling agency in the hope that profits made will go back into educational programmes. We have the opportunity through existing networks to empower our business strategies by the forming of a new modelling agency with a major difference.

MAMBAB will be the creation of something extraordinary and very exciting. MAMBAB modelling agency will not act as a hand-out but a hand-up, enabling Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful to continue helping young people by transforming their life choices for the greater good.

Evidence for all donations will be placed in our finance report and a letter of confirmation will be addressed to each person because we are accountable for our actions.

Please send donations to:
Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful
PO BOX 51261
SE11 4JP.

About Us

Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful is a non-profit community organisation.

The organisers wanted to create a programme with a difference for young people. This programme would allow our contestants to raise their profile, let their voices be heard, and become an inspiration to their own generation.

Contestants of the programme are talented individuals who aspire to be professionals within their chosen careers. Read their biographies and be inspired as they become the new mentors of our community.